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Big Banana

Part amusement park, part flea market, part tourist trap, the Big Banana is one of Coffs must do.
And sure having a 12 meter banana as your sign may be a hint that bananas are going to be prevalent throughout the park, but maybe not to the level of banana smoothies, banana splits and chocolate covered bananas, all of which are available inside.
With great rides and attractions for all ages, Big Banana is the hot spot for family fun in Coffs Harbour.

Big Banana

Muttonbird Island Coffs Harbour

Visitors need to ensure stay on the island’s assigned paths when heading to the summit in order to avoid the accidental trampling of any muttonbird nests.
Realize the trip to the summit, while not long, is quite steep. At the top you will find seats to sit and enjoy the spectacular 360 degree views of the harbour and island. If you want the perfect picture head there at dawn or sunset.

Muttonbird Island

Dolphin Marine Magic

There are plenty of places to have a dolphin experience or encounter, but there may be no place that makes the experience so easy or enjoyable.
Because Coffs is not a huge international tourist attraction yet, the dolphin experience is very accessible. The park offers plenty of shady spots to get out of the sun and kids love the place. Young or old, Dolphin Marine Magic is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Dolphin Marine Magic

Sealy Lookout Coffs Harbour

Sealy Lookout Coffs Harbour
The lookout is a mere 10 minute drive from coffs harbour. Along the way you can see the plantations that gave Coffs Harbour its start.
There is public parking, but for those wishing to get that sunrise or sunset park, the parking lots gates are closed. However it is nothing that parking outside and a short walk can’t overcome. The payoff is one of the most picturesque lookouts in all of Australia.

Sealy Lookout

Coffs Harbour Butterfly Sanctuary

Fun for both kids and adult, let yourself be surrounded by hundreds of friendly butterflies in the Butterfly sanctuary, The best time to go is in the afternoon when the butterflies are typically most active.
It’s inexpensive but it never fails to produce a few smiles and laughter as the butterflies are just as curious about us as we are of them.

Butterfly House

Coffs Coast Camels

Camels in Australia? Why not? Perhaps even more than horses, which most of us are familiar with, people feel unusually bonded to their camel after a camel ride.
And instead of sand dunes and sand storms, you’ll take a camel ride on a pristine, and often empty, beach.
Is there a better picture than majestically trotting through Australian surf on your camel? We don’t think so either.

Coffs Coast Camels

Solitary Islands Diving

The other way to meet a few dolphins while in Coffs is to snorkel or scuba dive.
Known throughout the diving world as one of the best places in the world to dive, Coffs Harbour and Solitary Islands are a great place to take a little swim and check out our aquatic friends.


Skydiving Coffs Harbour

Skydiving Coffs Harbour
You can jump from 6000 to 15000 feet offering up to a minute of freefall. Jumping out of a perfectly good plane may not be for everyone, but if you are going to do it you might as well do it somewhere where the view on the way down is good.

Coffs Skydivers


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